Top 3 Trips of 2016

Zach and I have had such a great year full of new adventures + exciting opportunities! We've been to over 20 destinations this year, and I wanted to briefly tell you guys about our top 3 favorite trips in 2016! 


Okay, I am kind of cheating because I wanted to break it down further than an entire country... however we seriously loved everywhere that we went in Italy! First, we went to Milan!

We fell in love with the hustle + bustle of this city, probably because it had a similar feel to NYC! So much fashion, so much to do, and so many beautiful buildings everywhere you look! Of course our fav was the Duomo... it was so breathtaking and full of ornate + beautiful details! 

Our next stop in Italy was Rome! We stayed in Trastevere and were completely in awe at every street + corner because each one seemed to be even more beautiful than the last! 

Can we talk about how AMAZING all of the food was ((and also the most affordable out of all of our Italy ventures)) well as how amazing all of the ancient architecture was!?!

The next city we went to in Italy was Positano along the Amalfi Coast. It was as dreamy as it sounds! We are actually ready to jump back into this postcard-of-a-city asap!

There were so many things to loved about Positano, but one thing in particular that made it absolutely incredible was where we stayed at Hotel Villa Franca!

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Our last + final stop in our Italian extravaganza was in Venice! Okay...I knew that I was going to love Venice because I love water and was so obsessed with the idea that there are no roads and cars, only water and boats, but it was even more amazing than I imagined! 

We had so much fun shooting in Venice! The streets felt magical and unlike any other city that I had ever been too! We spent some time on a boat riding out to Burano, and I'm so glad that we did! SO much color + personality!



Okay.... Dubai is probably the most mind blowing city I've ever been to! The futuristic architecture mixed with so much natural beauty was incredible to see! 

One thing we knew we had to do in Dubai was experience the sand dunes! We loved every bit of our desert safari!!

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If you've followed along our journey at all, it wouldn't take long to realize that we are pretty much obsessed with Thailand! The food, the people, the beaches, the culture...we literally love it all and have no bad things to say about our experience both times that we've been!  

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This year we went to Koh Samui and stayed at the beautiful X2 resort! It was paradise!!

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We absolutely love traveling + enjoyed each of our adventures in 2016! We can't wait for all that 2017 holds for us!! :) 

Xo- Tara

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