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Zach & Tara

Welcome to League Travels!

We are Tara and Zach Brose, a young adventure-loving couple from New York City (well Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to be exact). We got married in May 2014 and we've been traveling at every chance we've gotten since. Tara works full time as a fit model in NYC, and she launched a fashion and lifestyle blog in 2015, TaraMichelleBrose.com. Zach is the founder of League Design, a creative studio based out of Brooklyn that specializes in graphic design, photography and illustration, as well as art and prints.

Our love for travel, fashion, photography, art and design birthed the idea of League Travels in 2016. We are passionate about travel and finding the best travel deals out there, and we want to see other people explore the world like we love to. Neither of us had traveled very extensively growing up, and it always seemed to be something reserved for the rich or famous. (it's not). We know now that with a little research, some flexibility, and a whole lot of wanderlust, anyone can travel. That realization started the idea of League Travels, but we quickly realized that we had more to offer than love for travel to inspire people. 

As a model/blogger and a artist/photographer based in NYC, we’re immersed in the millenial world of fashion, travel, design, food, wanderlust and social media. We love to travel the world, and we know what to look for and what people are drawn to. Over the past few years we’ve traveled all across North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean, Australia, Asia and the South Pacific, Africa and Europe. We have a diverse circle of influence and a following of like-minded people who love to travel and experience all the world has to offer. Tara has an influential fashion and lifestyle blog, Zach has an eye for photography and design and a passion for visual storytelling, and we both enjoy writing. 

So, in 2016 we officially launched League Travels as a collaboration between Tara Michelle Brose and League Design. Together we offer stunning visual content cration, travel writing, photography, travel and accommodation collaborations and brand deals. 

We would love to work with you! You can get in touch with us via our "contact us" page above or by emailing leaguetravels@gmail.com 

Whether you need content, exposure or marketing, travel advice, social media consulting or anything else, League Travels is your solution! 

Here' to the adventure....


The term “league” once referred to a nautical measurement of distance. It was the furthest one could see with the naked eye. Thus, a ship traveling one “league” had reached what was previously the farthest visible distance on the horizon. Journeys would be measured in leagues- and you couldn’t know what the next “league” held until you finished the one previous.

We believe that life is all about the journey. We are passionate about telling stories in creative, artistic, emotion-evoking ways. We think that content should reflect on leagues past, inspire dreams for the leagues ahead, and immortalize memories from the journey present. It should bring a smile to your lips or a tear to your eye.